Pump Monitors

How it works

Sensors installed at well site on pumps and tanks

Sensors transmit data to well site gateway

Gateway transmits data to the cloud

Cloud sends data to devices to be viewed


Sensor Specs

The Kodiak Pump Monitor collects data from your pump and transmits predictive analysis to your device. Whether it’s an Ajax, a Rotoflex, a hydraulic, other type of pump jack, or even any type of motor, the Kodiak Pump Monitor can analyze the production patterns and alert you when your pump shuts down. Access to info about your pumps’ behavior will increase your production while decreasing manual labor, wear and tear, and other major expenses associated with failures on the well.

Pump Monitor Specifications:

  • - Wireless, battery powered to last years
  • - Transmits directly to the gateway transceiver box
  • - Easy installation – managed by Kodiak Instruments