Gateway Transmitter

How it works


Sensor Specs

The gateway is the link between the sensors and the cloud. It effectively prepares sensor data for transmission using privately secured cell networks to our protected cloud servers. Our servers analyze and organize the data so you can access it on your computer or phone in real-time. Using the latest in power conservation programming, the Kodiak Gateway is ultra-low power and industrially robust. The gateways require no previous infrastructure and come in two models: solar powered or grid powered (110V).


  • - The Kodiak Gateway uses the Verizon cellular network (or Globalstar Satellite network) to transmit data back to the user
  • - Potential to collect and read 50+ remote sensors
  • - No external power required, but can use existing power if available and requested
  • - Virtually Maintenance Free


  • - Reads feet, inches, and pattern information from level and pump sensors
  • - Wirelessly collects data.
  • - LED Display for temp and liquid levels
  • - Typical rechargeable battery life is 5+ years at 0C to 40C.


  • - Enclosure is polycarbonate (Nema 4X) or Cast Aluminum
  • - Can supply solar panel and box mounting brackets for additional cost
  • - Solar panels generally installed on a pole with Gateway box; wall mounts available, too


  • - Frequency is customizable down to every minute. Data rates may change depending on frequency
  • - Collects sensor data ranging from 300- 3,000’ line of sight. (Dependent on sensor transmission reach)
  • - Operational temperature range for gateway: -20°C to 60°C