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Kodiak’s K3 Level Sensor provides accurate real-time data from your tank. With configurations of both single and dual level sensing, you will always know what is in your tank and be alerted when conditions become critical. Each sensor will also continually provide you the temperature of your tanks. 24/7 monitoring will give you peace of mind about your operations, reduce safety hazards, lower drive time, improve reporting, and guide the dispatch of trucks for oil and water hauling.


  • - Frequency is customizable down to every minute. Data rates may change depending on frequency.
  • - Typical wireless range is 300- 3,000’ line of sight
  • - Operational Temperature Range for electronic transmitter: -40°C to 85°C


  • - IS –FM, UL Class 1 Division 1 Hazardous area Certification
  • - Frequency at 2.4Ghz.


  • - Enclosure is polycarbonate (Nema 4X) or Cast Aluminum
  • - Typical battery life is 5 years on “D” cell, no external power required.FEATURES and SPECIFICATIONS:
  • - Intrinsically Safe Wireless dual-level liquid sensor
  • - Wireless (Battery operated) Transmitter sends real-time info
  • - No External Power Required. No Conduit nor Trenching Required
  • - No Moving Parts to Stick or Break, Virtually Maintenance Free


  • - Overall Sensor Length: 3 to 30 feet (1 to 9 meters)
  • - SS Tube Dimensions: 1” X 1”
  • - Stainless Steel and Polyurethane Floats: 2.75” diameter with stainless core


  • - Two floats calibrated to read water and oil level interface.
  • - Liquid level Accuracy ¼”
  • - Temperature sensors (3) to the one degree (0-125°C)
  • - Liquid Level: 0.25” from 0-30’

Temperature Sensor

Kodiak’s temperature sensor is ready to go in any thermowell. Not only will it monitor and transmit temperatures to your phone, but also has a digital readout for easy checking on site. Common uses include heater treater temperatures to ensure that your oil and water stay separated and operations run smoothly.