As a 40 yr old sensor company, Kodiak Instruments (a subsidiary of Spectra Symbol Corp), focuses on providing its customers with the most cost-effective well site sensor ecosystems that deliver real-time data analytics, and production insights to customers’ fingertips. While specializing on both off-grid and on-grid locations through our IoT (Internet of things) platform, Kodiak uses its extensive sensor knowledge of complex electronic systems to simplify using your data and analytics for even the lowest level of user.

We empower data-driven decision-making operations improvement and well site management. Whatever your well site monitoring needs are, Kodiak Instrument’s design and R&D personnel can bridge your most difficult sensing gaps.



Kodiak (a Spectra Symbol Company) has specialized in custom solutions for 40 years. We are an ISO 9001 design, engineering, and manufacturing company that collaborates with large and small companies around the world on their most pressing sensing needs.

We are proud to have several years of experience in the Oil & Gas fields building partnerships with our customers and continually innovating for them. Let us innovate with you. Click the button below to learn more.