Internet Of Things (IOT)

How it works


IoT (Internet of Things) is essential to the developing world of information transmission. Most sensor companies are limited to simply manufacturing the hardware used in the oilfields. Kodiak Instruments has developed and manages the entire data ecosystem from sensor data collection to cloud transmission and finally to a web-based dashboard where the customer can access real-time information on any desktop or mobile device. Our SaaS is affordable, built on a reliable web technology, and provides actionable information leading to data-driven decisions for your oilfield asset.

Customer Portal Accounts

Kodiak creates each customer admin account log-in for its clients. Customers can add as many users as needed
Customers can add endless numbers of oilfield sensors and well site locations to track and monitor
Custom emergency texting, emailing, and voice calls available
The Kodiak Portal monitors all liquid levels, temperatures, pump functionality, and any other sensor data that is transmitted via transmitter gateway to the secured cloud servers